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Hollowed out in 1946 from a single log, the Famous One-Log House was created from a redwood tree over 2100 years old! This section alone weighed 42 tons. It took two men eight months of hard labor to hollow out a room 7 feet high and 32 feet long. Enough chips came out of it to build a five-bedroom house! This special log home includes living, dining, & bedroom areas just like any other trailer or motor home.

This Northern California redwood attraction has been a longtime popular attraction to young and old alike. Another amazing thing about this "house" is that its actually on wheels. Art Schmock, the creator, intended to have it tour across the country but ran into problems because of its size so it rested in Clam Beach for a time, then the town of Leggett for 25 years, and then twenty-three years in Phillipsville. Ready to travel again, it moved in 1999 to its current home on US Highway 101 just south of Garberville near Richardson's Grove State Park just on the edge of the Humboldt county/Mendocino county line. **Many have referred to it as "The Original Tiny House."

For other things to see in our beautiful area in addition to our interesting One Log House make sure to check out our  "other local attractions" link. Please be sure to also checkout our online store where we have WAY more things than shown here on our site.


Living, Sleeping, and Eating Areas.

Everything You Need to Live in a Tree/Log!



$1.00 per person

5 years and under are FREE

(with an adult entry purchase)


At One Log House Espresso & Gifts, we also have

a nice gift shop with unique redwood gifts, bowls, clocks, chainsaw carvings, & souvenirs. 


We also feature espresso drinks (hot, cold, or blended), smoothies, milk shakes, burritos, hot dogs, and ice cream. We can even accommodate lunches for Bus Tours! Just call ahead to let us know you're coming and we'll make sure to have enough staff on hand to help! 

Bus tours are always welcome.

(Our restrooms are always clean and well stocked.)


If you're interested in old-time logging practices of the redwoods, we have an  antique drag saw, other small logging tools, and an antique logging photo collection to see.


Or if you're a collector of the smashed penny souvenir, we also have a machine that does 3 different scenes.


Stop by, get a drink and/or some food and enjoy our nice air-conditioned environment! We have quite a bit of parking and have RV parking in our lower parking lot with  an easy circular driveway so no backing up required for bigger vehicles!


And if you've already visited us but would like to order something you've seen in our shop, please feel free to email myself or the owner if you can't find it on the website.


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