One Log House

420 Games

420 Games

$4,200 Prize Pool!

Rain or Shine : )

Three to four person teams will compete in four events to win the green for the charitable group of their choice.

$420 to enter.

Proceeds to benefit the winning team’s choice of charitable group. Given the state of public education in America, schools are a good option.

Events are:

Team Tug of War: Pull the other team across the marker. Bring gloves and a good grip.

Bong Mile: A bong rip waits for you every 1/8th mile. Compete for best time.

Soil Throw: Who can throw a bag of soil the farthest?

Joint Rolling: Four Categories. Teams Bring Their Own Material.

  • Pinner: Who can roll a smokeable joint the fastest?

  • Fatty: Who can roll the fattest joint in five minutes?

  • Mixed-Media: Who can add the most concentrates into a joint that will smoke completely in 30 minutes?

  • Open Design: Work with your team at home to create the dopest joint. Judging at 420pm

Teams can drop off their 420 Games entry fee, along with the name of the charitable group they are championing, at the One Log House Cafe.

Team Check-In 10am - 11am

Games Start at 11:30am

Joint Rolling Competition Judging at 4:20pm

Winners Announced shortly thereafter

Food Trucks on Hand:

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